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FIRE WILL FALL by Carol Plum-Ucci Kirkus Star


by Carol Plum-Ucci

Age Range: 14 & up

Pub Date: May 1st, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-15-216562-8
Publisher: Harcourt

It’s spring of 2002, and the horrendous images of 9/11 remain all too vivid. But terrorism has struck again, in sleepy Trinity Falls, N.J., where the water supply was poisoned, killing two and harming many more. Four teens were severely sickened but are on the slow road to recovery, cared for by special medical teams and security agents in a safe house near the Jersey Shore. On Long Island, two talented young hackers continue to trace terrorist chatter, trying to track down the original culprits, who are all too clearly still active and intent on destroying America’s sense of security. The terrorists are closer than anyone would have thought, and they have their sights set on the now famous Trinity Four. Whom can these kids trust? This sequel to the outstanding Streams of Babel (2008) more than lives up to its predecessor’s standard. A taut read, it’s hard to put down, with characters readers will care about and plenty of momentum. Humor is deftly woven into both character development and dialogue, lightening the mood at just the right spots. A must-read, all-too-contemporary page-turner. (Thriller. 14 & up)