THE FATHERS' BOOK: Shared Experiences by Carol & Ronnie Friedland--Eds. Kort

THE FATHERS' BOOK: Shared Experiences

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The glory, sacrifice and angst of fatherhood, discussed by 70 men. How they deal with their own fears and inadequacies, manage the resolution of job, family and sex problems gives us a fascinating insight into the behavior of the middle-class male caught in the currents of social change. This is an unusually articulate group who probe most every conceivable aspect of the experience and then some. Single fathers, stepfathers, adolescent fathers, grandfathers, fathers with sons, fathers with daughters, gay fathers--you name it, and it's here. There are tragedies, joy and seemingly anything these men are willing to discuss, often with a startling frankness. So much print has been devoted to the role of the mother in child rearing that fatherhood has gotten the back-burner treatment. This overdue collection will be welcomed by men able to identify with the stories told by the fathers. Women, too, will understand the men in their lives a bit better after reading it. The way in which these men face up to many problems while attempting to forge a relationship with their child, its mother and other members of the extended family, is a blueprint of what's right with fathers. The book is arranged so readers can turn to chapters that may be more relevant to their own lives. However you approach this book, it will prove informative, useful, even touching. This follow-up to The Mother's Book has captured the poetry and earthiness of fatherhood--the ironies, despair and intoxication are all here. Both novice and grizzled veteran will find something of value.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1986
Publisher: G.K. Hall