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SOL by Carol Thompson Kirkus Star


From the Haga el Tiempo Que Haga series

by Carol Thompson ; illustrated by Carol Thompson ; translated by Teresa Mlawer

Age Range: 1 - 3

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-84643-980-3
Publisher: Child's Play

One of a charming set of books that explore different kinds of weather from a toddler’s point of view.

In this cheery offering, a multiethnic group of round-faced tots enjoys the sun from sunup to sundown. Working from the original, English text, the Spanish translation is simple and direct, just right for beginning talkers. The vibrant and cheery mixed-media illustrations depict children greeting the sun, donning sun hats and sunscreen, taking off their clothes, having fun in a wading pool and tub, and eventually saying hello to the shadows and goodbye to the sun. The book’s companions are equally successful. In Viento (Wind), readers will practically feel the wind as it blows hair, leaves, hats, and seeds until it finally departs: “…Shhhhh….” In Nieve (Snow), a brown-skinned child with curly black hair eagerly puts on snow clothes to play outside. After sliding and slipping, crunching through the snow and making snowpeople, with a cold nose and cold fingers, it is time to go in: “¡Hasta mañana, muñecos de nieve!” (“See you tomorrow, snow people!”) In Lluvia (Rain), readers will feel the initial disappointment of the Asian protagonist with a pink bunny as a few raindrops become a downpour—and then delight in the fun that can be had in simply getting wet and stomping in the puddles.

Indeed, whatever the weather, one can always have fun. (Board book. 1-3)