THE CALAHAN GIRLS by Carole Bolton


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Kate and her elder sister Peggy seemed forever bound by rules designed to protect their virtue imposed upon them by their sanctimonious, dictatorial brother Al, head of the family. Their only hope lay in getting ""little Napoleon"" married. They introduce him to someone with whom he miraculously fails in love, but when he announces his engagement. Mrs. Calahan feigns a heart attack and the whole thing is off. Meanwhile, Kate's new job as a market researcher on Wall Street brings her into contact with handsome Ted whom Peggy immediately usurps, casting off steady George. Kate, who has always harbored a secret admiration for George finally lands him, while Peggy's compulsion to find a husband ironically scares off the eligible ones. Al eventually breaks away from his mother freeing the household of his iron grip. As the girls shift their allegiances from male to male the plot maneuvers can become confusing -- but its lively spirit and its exciting, diversified locale balance the flaws.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow