THE DARK ROSALEEN by Carole Bolton


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The maturing of 16-year-old Barbara Leventhal is symbolized by the Dark Rosaleen, an ancient Model-T Ford, which Barbara herself claims is enchanted. Barbara's desires and frustrations, her annoyance with her family's habits, especially those of her untidy 13-year-old sister Caroline, her resentment that her Grandfather has taken her room, her attempts to emulate some of her more wealthy and polished friends, her dreams of romance are all portrayed with understanding. op (the Grandfather), whose retirement has left him at loose ends, finds an outlet when he buys Rosaleen. For Barbara unwittingly becomes attached to the car; Rosaleen serves to bind her more closely to Pop and then to the rest of the family. Most important, Rosaleen provides Barbara with her first romance by introducing her to Ben, the good-looking young garage mechanic. Carole Bolton, who has written several teen-age romances (The Stage is Set, etc.) deals quite sympathetically with Barbara's problems in handling a boy whose background is quite different from her own and in adjusting to her family. The easy dialogue, the touches of humor, and the New York setting combine to make this a realistic and appealing story.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1964
Publisher: Morrow