WHY WAS I ADOPTED? by Carole Livingston


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Oversized and bumptiously cartooned like the same artist's Where Did I Come From, this combines the former book's facetious tone (""You're not a gorilla. You're not a puppy dog. . . . And you're certainly not a rhinoceros"") with assurances that ""you"" are very lucky to have both ""birthparents"" (""who gave you your birthday"") and adoptive parents (""who love you now and wanted you very, very much""). For the rest, possible reasons why your birthparents couldn't keep you and your adoptive parents got you are set down with forced joviality: ""You bet it is! . . . That's a funny thought! . . . You don't find children in crackerjack boxes. . . . Take a deep breath. . . . Here goes!"" As with Where Did I Come From, a lot of the alternatives are too pastel and mushy for today's hip kids, but this is at least as condescending.

Pub Date: July 26th, 1978
Publisher: Lyle Stuart