HEIR OF RENGARTH: Sword and Circlet II by Carole Nelson Douglas

HEIR OF RENGARTH: Sword and Circlet II

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Second installment of Nelson's mediocre fantasy about silver-eyed Irissa, last of the Torloc seeresses, her companion Kendric, the seven-foot-high, sword-wielding Wrathman, and the sorcerer Geronfrey, who desires to possess Irissa and steal her powers. This time, Irissa, now pregnant with a daughter, accidentally drinks poison and lies in a coma; in search of a cure, Kendric enters the dread Black Tower and falls through a mirror into Rengarth, where he meets Irissi, a wispy simulacrum of Irissa, created by the imponderable sorcerer Geronfrey and also sorcerously impregnated by him to ensure an heir to the throne of Rengarth. Meanwhile, Irissa recovers and also mirror-travels to Rengarth, where she meets Aven and Sin, heirs apparent to Geronfrey's throne and agog to overthrow the sorcerer. Complicating the picture are the wormy alien ludborgs, also keen to see Geronfrey toppled--but Geronfrey proves to be an elusive quarry, with yet more plots and tricks and mirror-magics up his capacious sleeve. The recipe as before: plenty of inventive magicking but no real substance at all. A pleasant diversion, though, for fans of Keepers of Edanvant (1987).

Pub Date: May 16th, 1988
Publisher: Tor--dist. by St. Martin's