SEVEN OF SWORDS: Sword and Circlet III by Carole Nelson Douglas

SEVEN OF SWORDS: Sword and Circlet III

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Concluding the fantasy trilogy of Keepers of Edanvant and Heir of Rengarth, about Irissa, the silver-eyed Torloc seeress, and her consort Kendric, the seven-foot-tall, sword-wielding Wrathman. Irissa and Kendric, now rulers of Rengarth, are also trapped there since all the magical gates to other worlds are shut. They have produced two children--the unmagical Javelle and her highly magical, unruly younger brother Thane. However, Irissa is immortal, while Kendric, though highly magical, is not, and he starts to age. How, then, might Irissa win immortality for her Wrathman? Well, the seventh sword (of which Kendric bears a magic copy) can help--so Irissa sets Thane to probing for a new gate. Meanwhile, the evil sorcerer Geronfrey, magically banished beyond the gates to the mysterious Without, has survived and produced a shadowy offspring, Eeryon, Thane's insubstantial counterpart. Unlike Geronfrey, however, Eeron is not inherently evil. Thus the stage is set for another magical quest and confrontation with evil--even Felabba the magical cat shows up in a new and younger guise. All well and good for series fans. But uncommitted observers will note here the strained plotting and heavy dependence on magical sleight-of-pen, and reflect on Douglas' generally more convincing science fictional offerings (Counterprobe, 1988).

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1989
ISBN: 312-93142-5
Publisher: Tor
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