ONE BEAR ALL ALONE: A Counting Book by Caroline Bucknall


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Bucknall makes her debut in children's books with this delightful British import. Written in rhyming couplets, the book begins with ""One bear all alone/Sitting by the telephone."" The large featured number that appears on the left, and the literal pictoral translation of the text on the right, sets the pattern for the book. In the next spread, two bears appear at the door, inviting the one lonely bear to play. Drawn from the viewpoint of the bear answering the door, the illustration of the two friends is warm and intimate, and the background sunshine adds to the friendly atmosphere. In the next spreads, the three bears go ""to the sea and back again,"" visit the zoo, climb a tree, visit a shop to buy lollipops, eat sweets at an afternoon party, get queasy from overindulging, take a bath, and go to sleep--all the while increasing by one bear. In the final spread, bears appear in a chorus line, numbered from one to 10--for a last countdown. The 10 teddies are as appealing as the artist's palette. The Britishisms are more charming than foreign, and the text is rhythmic and good for read-alouds.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1986
Publisher: Dial