SOMETHING EVIL by Caroline Crane


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Something stupid is more like it--as Crane (Trick or Treat, The Third Passenger) dishes up another contrived contempo-gothic stew, this time mixing telepathy and adultery into the usual psycho-murder broth. Libby Thayer is the increasingly discontented wife of professional psychic Solomon, an older man who a) doesn't want children, and b) turns hostile when Libby decides to get herself a real-estate job instead of being Solomon's secretary/assistant. So Libby finds herself drawn into an illicit romance with attractive Neale Janus, a total stranger--while Solomon becomes more and more wrapped up in his latest assignment: helping the police to track down a series of missing kidnap victims, mostly girls and women with long hair. But why is Solomon so tortured and confused by the vibes he's getting out of the kidnapping killer? Could it be that the psycho is someone close by--even Solomon himself? (He had an unhappy childhood.) Or could it be that Libby's new guy, who's prone to dark mutterings (""Sex and violence and death--they're all the same thing""), is somehow connected to the psycho-crimes? Well, either way, long-haired Libby is going to wind up imprisoned in a car trunk, slated to be the killer's next victim. . . until she's rescued by the man who really loves her. Foolish psycho-revelations, wild coincidences, and belabored psychic hoo-hah: only for the most undemanding clairvoyant-melodrama fans.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1984
ISBN: 0595208886
Publisher: Dodd, Mead