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From the Adventures of Grandmasaurus series

by Caroline Fernandez ; illustrated by Shannon O'Toole

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-988761-46-6
Publisher: Common Deer Press

A chaperone who turns into a dinosaur when she sneezes really complicates a class trip for two young museum visitors.

The unnamed narrator may hope for “no funny business” from her grandma—but hardly have they arrived than a “silver sparkle of museum dust” sets off an extended sneezing fit that sends the narrator and companion Moonie haring off after a small speedster they identify as an eoraptor. Telling the demure dino that she can’t run in the museum only makes her sneeze again, turning her into a car-sized zuniceratops. Then an ankylosaurus, and on through 11 more transformations…including a pterodactyl that guide-toting Moonie points out isn’t actually a true dinosaur. One final blast brings “regular Grandma” back at last, just in time to board the school bus. O’Toole fills in the backgrounds sparsely, and readers may find themselves wondering exactly what kind of museum this is. Still, neither Grandma nor any of the fairly diverse lot of other visitors and staff look even slightly bothered by all the hubbub, which adds an extra layer of jollity to the views of outsized dinosaurs invading galleries, trying to cut the line at the cafeteria, or bellowing a “moo-roar” (“Where’s your indoor voice? You can’t yell in a museum!”) in the main hall. A dino-key at the end supplies names and a few facts for all 14 iterations of Grandma. Grandma and the narrator present White, and Moonie has brown skin and dark hair. 

Readers with embarrassingly rambunctious relatives of their own will moo-roar in sympathy.

(Picture book. 5-8)