THE FOREST OF THE SOUTH by Caroline Gordon


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Caroline Gordon is at her best in recapturing that phase of life in the South-the Carolinas and the Deep South -- where fishing and gunning seem infinitely preferable to the serious business of life. Here is a collection of short stories, and the best of them present vignettes of that phase of the South. There are a few that stem back into history, -- The Captive, which is a tale of Indian raids, several with a Civil War setting; a few that have a nostalgic feel of personal reminiscence, but the best are the Alec Maury stories, which ring a bell of authentic characterization, as Alec, growing old and tipping the scales at over 200 pounds, finds that he sometimes has to trick the younger generation to get off with his beloved red or to spend a day with a gun and a good dog in the fields. Pleasant reading.

Publisher: Scribner