BUSYBOOK SERIES by Caroline Horowitz


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There are five of these. The first is for boys and girls from three to seven; the next two, one for boys and one for girls, from six to ten; the last two for the nine to thirteen group. The full title is THE ....'S HANDBOOK OF PLAY IDEAS AND THINGS-TO-DO. To recommend them, there are the advantages, as stated in the beginning of each book, of noing to buy, easy to make, games for bed, games for parties, and no supervision except for the youngest doers. There is lots of repetition in the boy-girl divisions with the ideas and drawings becoming more identical towards the ends of the 6-10 books, then diverging and reconverging in the 9-13 books. Obvious similarities are things like family newspapers, puppets and book marks and differences are place are place cards versus punching bags, aprons versus semaphores, and so forth. All are pretty well presented though, with a page for each plan, and the ideas such as an art gallery, a newspaper, knitting, will lead to more individual creative activity.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1952
Publisher: Hart