HALLOWEEN TREATS by Carolyn Haywood


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Nine Halloween stories, most featuring Haywood's well-known Eddie, and mostly centering on the costumes with which the children scare or fool people, win prizes, crash the older kids' parties, or get hung up on a too-long tail. (The exception to the fun-and-games theme, but not to the cozy sensibility, is the first story about a presumed ""witch"" next door whose midnight knocking turns out to be a call for help.) Twin genes proliferate (three pair turn up here) in this apple-pie neighborhood where the houses are described as standing ""cheek to cheek"" and Eddie's main concern, as the pennies-for-UNICEF collection draws near, is expressed, ""Oh, Mom! I hope I have enough to be 'Halloween Boy of the Year.' "" (He does, as one rare 1909 penny turns out to be worth five hundred dollars.) Haywood's stories are calculated to curl susceptible children's toes with delight in cute tricks and coincidences, and she will no doubt succeed--but the after-effects of too many Halloween sweets aren't all in the tummy.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1981
Publisher: Morrow