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Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1967
Publisher: Morrow

Youngsters who remember Mr. Kilpatrick from the first day of school (""B"" Is For Betsy) will share Betsy's dismay--the friendly Irishman is going to be replaced by a lady policeman. She and her friends quickly form the Kilpatrick Club, then haggle over who is going to be president (each votes for himself) and are stymied over the choice of a present--Billy insists on a police dog. Ellen thinks (she's Chairman of the Think Committee) and Betsy offers (in writing) to adopt a Chinese orphan for the childless Kilpatricks. But the Kilpatricks are going to have children aplenty; six nieces and nephews from Ireland are coming to stay while their burned-down house is rebuilt. The children rally with toys (from Share the Toys Day) and a welcoming party at the airport where Betsy is momentarily dismayed by the arrival of a lone Chinese girl--can it be Ah Ping, whom she wrote to?--who is later Joined by her parents. The Irish children area lively lot, especially little Brian who carries a leprechaun in a bag (""I say let him have his leprechaun""). The Kilpatrick Club becomes the Leprechaun Club and Ah Ping is not forgotten: the children raise enough money at a Halloween Party to support her for a year. And the lady policeman turns out to be Mrs. Kilpatrick. Though at times the Irish mist-icism is as thick as the brogue, good feeling and funny talk more than compensate.