THE MIXED-UP TWINS by Carolyn Haywood
Kirkus Star


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As a switch from her wonderful Eddie series, this is an equally successful twin story full of warmly expressed minutiae of daily living. Twins Ronald and Donald are visiting their grandmother in a small town. From the start, when a lovably mixed-up Vickie bumps into Donald, hunting for a lost kitten and so intent on his search that he ignores her repeated requests for his name, the incidents get pregressively funnier. When Ronald enter the picture, Vickie is so confused she has to call her new friends the ""Onalds"". After a summer of painting pictures and swimming and a winter of losing mittens and building snowmen, Vickie gets straightened out when the Onalds' hair is cut and Ronald's grows in curly. Exhibitive of the writer's knowledge of how four-year-olds think, act and orient themselves, and set down in their own language, this is a gem on the juvenile list. Her illustrations pleasantly round out the characterizations of the puzzled, joking threesome.

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 1952
Publisher: Morrow