THE MOTHER'S COOK & COPE BOOK by Carolyn & Pamela Zapata Lane


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The authors (also of The Pregnant Cook's Book) are pleasant to have around, considerate of how dismal you may be feeling as well as of your need to economize, and very concerned that what Dr. Gersh in his charming introduction calls your ""parvenu Consciousness III"" will receive a balanced, nutritious diet. They also help you in your postpartum phase to prepare a casserole in no time; recommend the right diet for the nursing mother and after, discuss the formula; suggest blenderized recipes to substitute for Beechnut; and provide different recipes for the fussy or allergic or overweight eater, or for special situations -- outings, parties, etc. Along with a few household distractions for the child underfoot. BUT the directions are often sketchy and the recipes hit you in the ear (Presumptuous Potatoes; Summer Sibling Salad) as well as the eye with unattractive ingredients so that when it comes to Believe-it-or-not-Franks you'd probably rather not. You may be cooking and then coping with an apathetic appetite. But there's not a non-garni hamburger in sight.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1972
Publisher: Viking