BLUE MONEY by Carolyn See


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In long ""Pornography and the Pornographers -- an intimate look at the two-billion-dollar fantasy industry"" -- the subtitle -- and in short, a spot check of some of the more enterprising entrepreneurs: Marvin Miller who began as a pirate-publisher by duplicating Grove's Tropic of Cancer which appeared in ten successive magazine numbers; or Matt Cimber, briefly married to Jayne Mansfield, who produces skin flicks; or Linda Lovelace (swallow even if you haven't got a deep throat) who wanted to be a nun as a child; or a man called Holland who sells all kinds of paraphernalia; and Burton Marks, the pornography lawyer who did very well and naively confided ""I'm learning so much."" See, more of a reporter than a moralist (or a litterateur -- ""If their dreams are meretricious, why, then, so were Gatsby's"") says they give Americans what they want so let them eat cheesecake.

Pub Date: July 8th, 1974
Publisher: David McKay