HOMESPUN PLAYDAYS by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
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These can be used with somewhat younger children, as stories told or read aloud; they will be enjoyed by older children, so should make good family reading. But the main appeal is for the age indicated. Carolyn Bailey has a faculty for recreating a period, a setting, and telling so good a story that factual content is unconsciously absorbed. This time her stories revolve around the play of children of generations past, -- from Colonial times down to the mid-19th century. New England, in a story of Pilgrim children encountering lightness and gaiety for the first time; sugaring-off in New Hampshire, in a somewhat later period; Christmas baking for Valley Forge; a Sunday School picnic celebrated at Andrew Jackson's home near Nashville; spelling bees, quilting bees, singing parties, Thanksgiving -- a wide range of fun before the days of machine-made games and formal entertainment.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1941
Publisher: Viking