THE LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
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In direct thematic connection with The Enchanted Village (1950), this also carries through on school-community activities in a small New Hampshire town, though the people are different and the emphasis is on the present rather than the past. The two room school to which Kate now goes and to which Joe comes from the city, had been attended by both their grandparents. But Joe's is the problem of adjustment; he is too big, he has trouble with math and he's tempted by the bully Nate, the only other boy who's unhappy at school. As she writes, the author has a way of putting things poetically, giving the everyday things- fairs, changing seasons, recess time, celebrations- the exciting newness they always have for children, and mixing these with practical problem solving too.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1957
Publisher: Viking