THE DANJU GIG by Carolyn Weston


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Swinging Super Spade Shad Smith goes down to a small West African country ostensibly to spot movie locations but actually to check out rumors of a Communist supplied base for our government. His sidekick, fainthearted Marty Brom, is not at all pleased when they do discover Russian rockets and the plan is to check out, period, until they discover that Shad's wife Gloria has made the scene courtesy of the Danju government which plans to phase them all out . . . accidentally. The three innocent babes in the brush manage to survive fire, flood and a rapid river raft ride in the wake of The African Queen. It's quite a gig; slick, quick and personable as ""Just the spade next door, that's me.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1969
Publisher: Random House