ROCKS AND THKIR STORIES by Carooll Lane & Mildred Adams Fenton


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For an older age group than (1950 P. 354), this introduction to the study and collecting of rocks and stones is appropriately broader in scope and boasts fifty pages of photographs, and an index with pronunciations. With constant reference to the photographs, the authors define the difficult distinction between ""rocks"" and ""stones"", discuss rocks and the minerals of which they are composed; list and descriptions of well-known minerals, various forms of lava; other kinds of cruptive rock, granites, sediment and strata; unconsolidated sedimentary rocks; and the story of the variations in rock and soil surfaces. This is a sound introduction to correct nomenclature and the text contains a wide range of information. However, the thicket of technical names and difficult process of classification may be too much for the pre-junior high youngster. We suggest saving this for the eleven and twelve-year-olds.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1951
Publisher: Doubleday