MY WAR WITH JAPAN by Carroll Aloott


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Fourteen years' residence in Japan makes this a close quarters view of our enemy -- who first aroused the author's suspicions in Manila, and whose tactics in the war with China and methods of conquest intensified his doubts and hate. First as newspaperman, then as radio broadcaster, he found many a way to get under the skins of the Japanese, to make them ""lose face"" and to earn for himself a high nuisance value -- on on the dangerous side. Here are stories of the merchants of death, crime and court reporting in Shanghai, opium rackets, the defense of Chapel, smuggling, and the conclusion that Japan and the idea of ""Asia for the Asiatics"" both represent sores that should not be left to fester when the war is won. A book to supplement more scholarly works, to educate the public of the many types of danger Japan threatens.

Publisher: Holt