TALES TOLD BY FOSSILS by Carroll Lane Fenton


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Tales Told by Fossils deals more simply and in less detail with the subject Carroll Lane Fenton described in The Fossil Book (p. 699, 1958), a book with a higher price tag (currently $15.00), longer text and some color work. Tales defines fossils and then sets out on the track they have left of prehistoric times. From the building of earth's time scale the reader moves on to the creatures reconstructed by the testimony of fossils, from skin-crusted trilobites and the horn-shells who hunted them through lizard and bird-hipped dinosaurs to mammals and finally apes, man-apes and ape-men. It is a quick, concentrated launching into the prehistoric swim of things, that does not pause for speculation but rather treats findings on finds as facts. Up-to-dated, illustrated, and with an excellent bibliography and a glossary, this reaches an audience somewhere between the specialized and the juvenile market he has approached previously.?

Publisher: Doubleday