THE INVINCIBLES by Carter A. Vaughan


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In 1744 Gordon Fuller, an English lieutenant, was given a year by the British courts to recover money swindled from him and English investors in a colonial venture. He sails for Boston to find Master Jeremiah Carr who engineered the coup. Carr is locally recognized as a shady dealer but he has always evaded detection so Fuller's mission is met with sympathy by the Colonial officials. In the course of carrying out his larger plan, Fuller is enlisted in the Colonial corps being raised against the French in America. He finds time, too, to become involved with the mysterious Jeanne Osgood, the only survivor of a Nova Scotia town ransacked by the French. The colonists are preparing to attack the formidable French Fort Louisburg on Cape Breton Island as their part in King George's War. Fuller's role in this successful assault is the pivoting point of his New World efforts. He finds convicting evidence of Carr's skulduggery; that Jeanne Ogood is really an indentured servant and not the woman of position she pretended; and that his loyalty to the colonies is strong enough for him to make a new life there with Jeanne alias Naomi who, in her way, also wanted a new life. An historical novel which is not very historical and not much of a novel.

Publisher: Doubleday