DRAGON COVE by Carter A. Vaughan


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Mr. Vaughan's Revolutionary sea saga has its cannons stuffed with paper and with utter fearlessness he fires off confetti salvos of plot. The scene is British-occupied Newport, Rhode Island. Simmeringly beautiful Holly Talbot, 21, is jealous of Faith Hopkins, 21, a Quaker and ""probably the most attractive young woman in Newport."" Holly thinks that sun-tanned Captain Jonathan Sherwood, ""a six-foot, five-inch-tall giant with a shock of black hair,"" has eyes for Faith, and Holly wants (and gets) the Captain for her own. Jonathan's ship is hauling rebel supplies into a secret cave (Dragon's Mouth) tucked away in Dragon's Cove, deserted harbor. Holly, meanwhile, is a, go-between for the rebels and Jonathan. Soon the two girls are out-rivaling each other at derring-do to attract Jonathan. Then Jonathan is wounded, Holly finally gets him alone at Dragon Cove for three dyllic days, but meanwhile Faith has been arrested for communicating with the enemy. She escapes, however, throws Quaker principles to the wind and actively helps murder a British colonel. After a pitched sea battle, the British withdraw from Newport, Faith reveals that she loves another, and Jonathan and Holly clasp lips. Cut.

Publisher: Doubleday