THE YANKEE BRIG by Carter A. Vaughan


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Set in pre-revolutionary Boston, this is the story of Captain Isaiah Hazlitt and his love for two women: Ann Parsons, the daughter of an English Lord, and Ellen Amory, a preacher's child. When Isaiah's brig is sunk by the French his relationship with Ann is threatened, it's her father, the affluent Lord Henry, who owned the ship. And although Ann willingly succumbs to Isaiah's sexual overtures, she supports his rival, the sadistic English Colonel Knowles, in frustrating his attempts to receive another command. Ann's avarice gradually becomes apparent to Isaiah, and when he escapes British internment, he goes with a full heart to Ellen, intent on devoting himself to her and the subdual of British oppression over the Colonies. A singularly mechanical plot, dotted with twentieth century cocktail party diction, in which neither character nor situation ever depart from the plastic atmosphere in which the author has awkwardly encased them.

Pub Date: Jan. 21st, 1959
Publisher: Doubleday