THE CONQUEST OF THE WEST: A Sourcebook on the American West by Carter--Ed. Smith

THE CONQUEST OF THE WEST: A Sourcebook on the American West

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One of six new volumes considering westward expansion until the early 20th century, focusing on documents, photos, maps, art, etc., in the collections of the Library of Congress. Each book includes an introduction, detailed timelines, and a brief bibliography, with considerable overlapping among them. Since Native Americans are covered in another volume, The Conquest's title is somewhat misleading--though the Mexican War is included, the bulk of the material here concerns diplomacy, treaties, borders, and events leading to statehood in the various territories; ""Manifest Destiny"" is described, but the displaced Indians are barely mentioned. The text here is dry, but the illustrative material is rich and varied and, overall, well reproduced, though there are some cartoons with tiny print; it's also well captioned. Native Americans of the West is more informative as to original sources and dates, however, and is notable for pointing out where many of the historical pictures, in representing the white man's point of view, are inaccurate. Other volumes are Bridging the Continent (trails, wagon trains, transportation); Exploring the Frontier; The Legendary Wild West (Daniel Boone to Teddy Roosevelt; artists and Indians, along with the obvious); and The Riches of the West (natural resources; occupations). In sum: the six make a splendid resource, especially pictorially. Each has an index; for reference use, a general index would be invaluable (publisher, please note!).

Pub Date: March 15th, 1992
Page count: 96pp
Publisher: Millbrook