OUT OF THE RED by Caskie Stinnett


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A brand new government bureau is set up to deal with a group of so-called anti-Communist refugees who take refuge in Washington after one annual revolution in the Caribbean island of Equatoria. They are all fakes and free-loaders, but red-tape prevents this simple fact from ever being discovered. Malcolm West, a reasonably young bureaucrat working in the new bureau, finds his conscience aroused from time to time as he races around trying to pull departmental chestnuts out of a series of fires. But he stifles his conscience in the curvesome arms of a well-built female assistant, the lovely and marriage-minded Adoracion Ruiz. And in a frantic climax he agrees to marry her as the bureau, instead of collapsing when the refugees do a quick fade, actually expands to take care of a new bunch from a neighboring country. This is supposed to be a fast and frenetic farce-satire, but for the most part it staggers from one exaggerated and unbelievable situation to another. The author generates noise but little sense. Consequently the humor seems strained and the novel as a whole unsatisfactory. But there is always a good market for humor, and this will probably be moderately successful.

Publisher: Random House