ANNAPOLIS, AHOY! by Casper Blackburn


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A thin plot spread over the all-too-usual slice of snobbery and stuffed-shirt standards which seem concerned with creating an American school of militarism. If the inside of Annapolis today is accurately reflected in most of the stories about Annapolis, something ought to be done to make the authorities realize that an efficient naval officer doesn't need to take a course in foolish cruelty, kow-towing and other outmoded methods of ""hardening"" youth. This particular story about a pre-war group stars a stubborn Swedish-American, Niolson, who detects a Jap spy sketching harbors, engaged in the network of a plot to destroy the Panama Canal. A good deal of crew background may interest boat-minded boys. The proud naval officer's son is hero, as school favorite, and the ""good guy"" and the proud commoner who makes good.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1945
Publisher: Macrae Smith