ALL ABOUT BROTHER BIRD by Catharine Plummer


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If it is ""a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God,"" Catherine Plummer deals with the matter lightly to the point of whimsy in her story of Brother Bird, who became the model of joy built on suffering of spirit. Brother Bird was the unlikely candidate for the monkhood who appeared by a call on the doorstep of the Monastery of La Soledad. Oafish, not too bright, he turned the monastery on its ear from the beginning. As a postulant he proved a disastrous helper to carpenter and baker alike, but he was loved by all the monks and the prize of the novice master, who saw in him a great vocation. Brother Bird earned his nickname by levitating, a state which constrained him from celebrating Mass or taking the Holy Sacrament, a great sacrifice. But he learned to see his cross as his crown when his gift enabled him to take little Levi, the waif delivered at the monastery door who died, (after the exercise of Divine Charity, on the part of the Community,) to heaven. If this is too much off the ground for some readers, others will swallow it whole. It is penned and priced for the inspirational market.

Publisher: Doubleday