PARTING BREATH by Catherine Aird


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Not a heart attack, then,"" faltered the Bursar. ""More like an attack on the heart,"" said Detective Inspector Sloan. ""An incised wound to the left of the sternum,"" in fact, so student Henry Moleyns was definitely murdered--in the half-lit Tarsus cloister of the University of Calleshire. Why were Henry's last, dying words ""26 minutes""--and did those minutes have anything to do with Henry's ambivalent participation in a (rather dated) student demonstration? Traditionalists may be somewhat let down when the answers lead to a trace of espionage, but they will be gladdened by the madrigals, the academic repartee, Aird's airy drolleries, and a smashing red herring: a letter documenting Jane Austen's affair with William Wordsworth's brother.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1978
Publisher: Doubleday