THE FALCON OF ERIC THE RED by Catherine Cate Coblentz
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Illustrated by Henry Pitz, this is a book of permanent value and particularly enjoyable if you relished the d'Aulaires Leif, the Lucky and are interested in the earliest American explorers. Jon is a young boy of unknown parentage, found washed up on the coast of the Land of the White Falcons, Greenland. He is brought up and taught by Olaf, a great story-teller and falcon trainer. His particular job is to care for a superb white gyr-falcon who was taken as an eyass from her eyrie. There is a wonderful understanding between boy and bird and fortunately King Eric bestows the falcon upon her natural master. Norwegian traders arrive from the court of the recently deceased King Tryggvason. A short time after they depart, two stalwart boat-loads set off for Vineland including Jon and Olaf with his riddles. The descriptions of our shores, the problems of settling and the eventual trouble with the Skraellings or Indians are unusually able. The would-be colonists go back to Greenland and Jon lets his pet fly off with a tiercel.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1942
Publisher: Longmans, Green