TOMBS AND TREASURES by Catherine Charley


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The latest installment in the See Through History series is a fascinating compendium of sites of buried treasure all over the world, including tombs from Tutankhamen and Philip II of Macedonia to the Lords of Sipn in Peru and China's terracotta army. Each site is covered in a spread that includes full-color maps, photos, and detailed drawings, all with informative captions. Many entries also include a quote from an ancient writer describing the site as it once appeared. A brief timeline and even briefer glossary appear at the end, but there is no bibliography, an unfortunate omission in a book whose broad coverage in relatively few pages will surely whet most readers' appetites for more information. Nevertheless, this is filled with intriguing--and gruesome--nuggets on archeology, burial customs, art, architecture, and more.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1995
Page count: 48pp
Publisher: Viking