MARY ANN AND BILL by Catherine Cookson


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Aw Lord, it's Tyneside's Mary Ann Shaugnessy Boyle in her eighth manifestation. Herself is still scrappy, but as she's now a proper Mam, it's her twins, Our Rose Mary and Our David (the tyke who learned to talk in Mary Ann's Angels, 1978) who uncork their wee pranks. The kiddies are worried, see, 'cos their dad Corny seems to be gone on the blonde and shameless Diana who twinkles around Corny's garage. And Corny thinks Mary Ann is sweet on a local ganger--why else is she going off without a shopping basket and in her good clothes to Newcastle? And is nice assistant Jimmy pinching from the till? But it all ends, as do all the Mary Ann's, with joy abounding: Diana gets the boot, Jimmy's in the clear, Mary Ann sells her writing, money flows in from an unexpected source, and everyone's laughing fit to kill at Our David for kicking the teacher--and at Bill for chewing an eiderdown. Bill's the dog.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1979
Publisher: Morrow