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PRINCE OF RAVENSCAR by Catherine Coulter


by Catherine Coulter

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-399-15807-0
Publisher: Putnam

A hard-used family of English aristocrats deals with yet more plots and murder attempts.

Julian Monroe, Prince of Ravenscar, has returned from three years abroad making a fortune and trying to forget the murder of his wife, unaware that his mother, the Dowager Duchess of Brabante, has hatched a scheme to marry him to Sophie Wilkie, her dear friend’s daughter. Sophie arrives in London for the Season accompanied by her stunning red-headed aunt Roxanne Radcliffe, who’s only seven years older than Sophie. Meanwhile, Julian’s former brother-in-law Richard Langworth, firmly convinced that Julian murdered his sister Lily, is out for Julian’s blood. Julian’s nephew Lord Devlin Monroe, who’s nearly Julian’s age, agrees to accompany Julian, his mother, Sophie and Roxanne on a trip to Ravenscar. They’re joined by Roxanne’s sharp-tongued sister Leah, who considers herself the most beautiful of the Radcliffes. Leah has set her sights on Richard as her future husband. Julian’s former father-in-law, Baron Purley, has asked him to visit in the hope of settling the problems between the families. When one of Julian’s ships is nearly destroyed by fire and Roxanne is kidnapped, Julian is convinced that Richard is still plotting to make him suffer. Julian, Devlin, Sophie and Roxanne must sort out their love lives even as they’re trying to find out what happened to Lily.

The latest addition to the long-running Sherbrooke series (The Heiress Bride, 1993, etc.) offers pleasant characters and an easily solved mystery for fans of historical romance.