THE GILDED CAT by Catherine Dexter


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A small, catlike figurine that Maggie pick up at a Boston yard sale turns out to be the mummy of a Pharaoh's prized pet--and the Pharaoh wants it back. Whether he appears as the ghost of a boy or as a small ka-bird with a human head, Thutmose the Utmost is more startling than scary--indeed, he's rather whiny, and has hung around for so many years because he's too cowardly to face the trials and gods of the Egyptian Underworld. The plot thickens when Maggie encounters Thutmose's uncle Seth, an evil magician who--not content with having killed his nephew originally--has pursued his spirit down the centuries to destroy it as well. Dexter's loosely constructed storyline is replete with contrivance and labored subplots, but also contains some wonderfully weird moments: Maggie and a friend board a bus to go to the Museum of Fine Arts, but instead it takes them to a decayed neighborhood that they come to realize is the Underworld; later, the climax opens with Maggie and her younger brother alone in a house suddenly awash with scorpions. An intriguing, if uneven, ghost story from the author of The Oracle Doll (1985).

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1992
Page count: 199pp
Publisher: Morrow