TWO CHINESE FAMILIES by Catherine Edwards Sadler


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A syrupy look at the life of two families ""personally involved""--""like all families in China today""--""in what they call 'the Chinese Revolution.'"" The Chengs have four children and live in a relatively spacious house; the Heus have a single daughter and live in a tiny apartment with communal kitchen and bath facilities. And the parents' occupations and (to an extent) interests differ. But in showing two families the Sadlers are chiefly showing how much they have in common--from taking a morning run to sharing responsibilities, to having in each case an artistically-talented child with professional aspirations. Both youngsters, however, ""will be glad to work in whatever ways their country sees fit."" And that total commitment, plus the wholesale improvement of life since the Revolution, is the dominant message of this small (9fl x 6) picture album. For children at this age-level, it would probably be difficult to arrive at an independent, balanced, true-to-life perspective; but the Sadlers, repeating stock phrases, don't seem to have even tried.

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1982
Publisher: Atheneum