CORPORATION WIFE by Catherine Gaskin


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A change of pace (period to modern), place (Australia and English to New York state) and publisher -- this is a story of the private lives of company wives as a new factory installation takes over a small town. While Clif Burrell, a lawyer, regrets the old as he drinks in the new- the imported personnel must adjust along with the long-standing residents of Burnham Falls. Laura, the second wife of president-to-be Ed Peters, must give up her ambition to act and confine her glossy glamor to a small town; Sally Redmond, the young wife of a research man, jettisons the novel she hopes to write in order to fulfill her obligations as a community minded, civic minded company wife. Young Jeannie Talbot, just out of high school, is another casualty- raped by two construction workers, the town..and the boy she loved stigmatize her. And Harriet Dexter, whose husband Steve is responsible for the intrusion of Amtec, must choose between Steve and the man she had once loved- now back in Burnham Falls in a consultant capacity.... A feminine but not fluffy story- this is not a picture-window view of corporate living- so much as a close-up of several marriages and extra-marital involvements, and while there's no literary up there's assured entertainment.

Publisher: Doubleday