GET MORE OUT OF LIFE by Catherine Groves


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Now troubled people can find help"" is the sub-title of this presentation of the hows and whys of family counselors. Full of cases to illustrated typical problems where counselors (as distinctive from psychoanalysts, doctors, etc.) help people face problems squarely, whether emotional, physical or mental in their source. How to get at basic causes, why we are as we are; first diagnosis, then decide where the treatment belongs. Social agencies are increasingly employing these counselors, most of whom had their training in case work. Leads as to what to expect in the way of questions -- and the proper attitude of cooperation. Here's a guide for puzzled people who need the ""confession"" outlet, and who shouldn't take it out on family or friends, and who don't need a doctor or analyst. Rather awkwardly and unconvincingly handled, but the stuff is there.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1941
Publisher: Association Press