LETTERS TO MARY: The Story of Helen Hayes by Catherine Hayes Brown

LETTERS TO MARY: The Story of Helen Hayes

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It will take more than the name and fame of Helen Hayes to take the hurdle of this sentimental recounting of her career by ""Brownie"" (her mother) to her small daughter, Mary. Highlights on the characters of both, plenty of theatre inside stuff and you do learn about Helen in spite of Brownie. Her early start, the parts she played, the actors, actresses, directors and producers she worked with, her growing fame and reputation, culminating in her playing the parts of the two queens; moving pictures and radio work, her romance with Charles MacArthur, her one ambition to act, and her character, unassuming, likable -- all are here, interpreted through her mother's towering pride and determination. The book is to be illustrated by a series of pictures; there will be an introduction by MacArthur. the limited edition (of 350 copies) will be autographed by the three generations, Helen, her mother, and Mary. The S.E.P. serialization has won no rooters, so far as we can discover.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1939
Publisher: Random House