ON CALL by Catherine Herzel


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In the first institution for deaconesses was organized in Kaisenwerth, , a school peopled mainly by the released inmates of a woman's penitentiary. Since that time the profession has grown in leaps and bounds -- to become a major arm of many religious denominations. The School in Philadelphia, the Methodist College in Nashville, and the Episcopalian Central House in Evanston, provide for the various branches of work --nursing, social work, parish work. The Sisters receive professional training in accredited colleges and then go on to join the ""motherhouse"" of their choice. In tracing the history and accomplishments of throughout the world, the author presents a confusing disjointed picture as skips from to topic from the Civil War to World War I. Doubtless her is accurate but it suffers in poor organization and awkward writing. A limited .

Publisher: Holt, Rinchart & Winston