THIS DEAR ENCOUNTER by Catherine Hutter


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Love in bloom, full bloom, for the hardwon romantic fulfillment of Thail, an actress, whose father inspired her toward the career she chose but with a distaste for amatory indulgence, at the expense of others. Falling in love for the first time, Thail attempts to avoid her attraction to Phillip, a doctor, married to Angela whom he had never loved but whom he had salvaged- protectively- from a background of poverty. It is through Vivian, their child, that Thail is able to deflect her feeling for Phillip, and recognizing dramatic talent in the youngster, Thail gives her a chance at a career while Phillip is in the war. Unloved, unwanted, and always sadly dependent, Angela tries to forget Phillip in a cheap affair, and although when Phillip returns he is technically able to sever his marriage, both Thail and Phillip sustain his obligation. And it is Angela, in a first and final act of independence, who frees them for each other.... A thorough workout, emotional and moral, for ladies, chaise lounging.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1952
Publisher: Holt