GEORGE'S WOMEN by Catherine MacArthur


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A bright, brisk, and British family-and-romance pother in which the many ""Darlings"" glint through the dialogue like butterflies in the gloaming. Three dear friends--nice widow Tess, currently single and wickedly witty Mabel, and bachelor George--face the discomfort of sorting out their triangular relationships. Both women love George but defer to one another. Tess has refused George's proposal of marriage (she loves sleeping alone and hates to ruin their friendship), while Mabel tries her hand at seduction when she runs into George in Portugal--a caper arrested by the playful hand of Fate. In any case, George and Mabel rally round to help with Tess' miserable family problems: her daughter and son-in-law have been critically hurt in an auto accident (they will recover), and son Mark has impregnated poor Deidre--a scrupulous Catholic who will not marry without love but will have the baby. Everyone eventually meets up in Portugal, and after Tess and Mabel see Deidre through a near-fatal miscarriage during a dreadful storm, it all sorts out nicely--as Mabel fastens on nice Teddy (hitherto married to an overwhelming Swede) and Tess finally says yes to George. Much tinkling of drinks, fresh scenery, and a delightful handful of Mabel's funny quips and clowning. Generally cheering.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1979
Publisher: St. Martin's