SEVEN FOR CORDELIA by Catherine Macdonald MacLean


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This is a sometimes touching account of the adjusting of youngsters to a strange environment, as seven young evacuÉes are brought to Tharrus, whose sympathetic, loving mistress, Cordelia, untangles all troubles. Wee Rat, dour Jock, his older brother --unfortunate, ugly Jockie, three little girls, all from southern, industrialized Scotland, and Marguerite, mercurial daughter of an English Colonel, turn the farm life upside down. It is Rab's sensitiveness and courage, little Jockie's few moments of strange glory, Jock's long thinking care, Marguerite's devotion to Rab, that make up the flow of incidents. The farm pets, unexpected dangers, celebrations for the holidays, and the gradual breaking up of the group comes along. nashamed of its sentiment in regard to the children, replete with Scots phrases that lend color, this is a douce tale probably based on actual experiences.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1941
Publisher: Macmillan