THE UNWILLING HEART by Catherine Marshall
Kirkus Star


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A problem novel, this gives young Linda Doverman some hard knocks and shows with considerable perception how she lives up to the consequences of having a father who must spend a year in jail for embezzlement. When the blow comes, the Dovermans have had the rewards of a closely knit family life and a highly regarded position in their community; Linda is popular at high school and Mr. Doverman had a reputation for warmth and generosity. Now he must serve his term realizing the mistake of having let his outgiving nature get the better of him. Linda herself does not know whether to believe in her father's ability to make a new start. There's an almost overwhelming discouragement at the real and imagined attitudes of her schoolmates and the towns people, but with the resources of her basically strong personality, Linda makes the most of a bad situation. Working, understanding, helping others- she opens herself to help from others too- and the end of the year brings a lasting emotional security. Good.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1955
Publisher: Longmans, Green