TO LIVE AGAIN by Catherine Marshall


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The widow of Peter Marshall adds her testimony of faith and tells- for a wide public- the steps by which she rebuilt a life shattered by her husband's sudden death. Many readers have come to feel a warm and intimate relationship with her in reading the collection of Peter Marshall's sermons, Mr. Jones, Meet the Master, and in his biography, A Man Named Peter. Many seekers of strength to face life have found inspiration and help in the unflagging faith evidenced in these books, in the warm, human approach to religion, in the acceptance of God as part of daily living. Now- in her own story- Catherine Marshall shares the problems she faced of shaken faith, rebellion, despair, which all who have suffered bereavement go through. She discusses not only the spiritual rebirth, but the practical issues of loneliness, frustration, fears of financial stringency, dangers of turning a smothering love on a child, and so on. Throughout, she turns again and again to the Bible for help. And she traces the factors which- for her- make a belief in immortality integral to her faith. These aspects of her book are its claim to a place beside the other two. And yet, for the many who saw the picture, A Man Named Peter, the chapters devoted to the making of the film will be the Open Sesame. A sure seller.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill