THE CUTNUMBERED by Catherine Mutter


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Dodd, Mead's candidate for the market preempted by The Robe and The Song of Bernadette introduces some good writing, and a strange and provocative subject, but it falls short is not realizing the spiritual potentialities of its heroine. It is closer to Bernadette, though it looks the inspirational quality...Against the background of growing National Socialism in Austria, and specifically within a sanitorium in a small Austrian village, is set the story of a Galician , orphaned when passing through there at the age of six, and adopted by the head of the sanitorium. Many of the villagers her, for her fortunate those connected with the sanitorium vie for her aff, -- Saponyi's pious wife, Andrea, the head nurse, Dennis, a young English patient. All are attracted by her unusual qualities, her faith in God, her other- Unusual powers of healing are attributed to her -- and at the time of the , the appearance of her to go to England, for a new life, Watch this -- it has the makings of a runaway.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1944
Publisher: Dedd, Mead