THE WOODROW WILSON STORY: An Idealist in Politics by Catherine Owens Peare

THE WOODROW WILSON STORY: An Idealist in Politics

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The careful biographer of The FDR Story (1962, p. 62, J-28) here presents etailed record of the life of a man who played a strong role in recent world history. The early years are toned by the boy's poor health and his struggles against weakness. The author moves from the boyhood defeats and triumphs through ilson's academic career and on to his political one, maintaining an objective distance from her subject, which negates the chances of sentimentality marring the iography. However, she maintains a close focus on Wilson, and in relating the events and his responses gives much information about Wilson, his personality and character, even the seldom mentioned sense of humor. His controversial aspects-both as academician and politician - while indicated are not stressed. All in all, however, a sound, objective biography, with no artificial dialogue to mar its factual approach. This is the first work on Wilson to appear for this age group since the Alden Hatch biography- an excellent one for upper high school-appeared in 1947.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1963
Publisher: Crowell