ALBERT EINSTEIN: A Biography for Young People by Catherine Owens Peare

ALBERT EINSTEIN: A Biography for Young People

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One of two biographies for young people, simultaneously published on this date which is Dr. Einstein's birthday. It is interesting to note that the two stories of his life and two appraisals of his character and personality are so parallel as to suggest that Miss Peare and Miss Levinger (see report on Messner book, P. 87) had used the same sources, rather than basing their biographies on personal knowledge. This biography like the other indicates the simplicity and traits of character the great man has shown throughout his long career. There is less here of personal and family data, less feel of the warmth of humanity, more concern with the political and scientific aspects of the career, than in the other book. Excellent handling of Einstein's theory of relativity in so far as is possible for understanding by the layman.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1949
Publisher: Holt